talking with beasts #5 - remembrance day for lost species
Saturday 30th November*

Saturday 30th November

*The meeting time and transportation options for the walk are currently being decided, it is important that you click attending on the event page or rsvp via email so that we can plan effectively.

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Click attending on the event page!

Talking with Beasts #5 is going to be a walking reading group to mark Lost Species Remembrance Day - an international day used explore the stories of extinct and critically endangered species, cultures, lifeways, and ecological communities.

In collaboration with The Ash Project, we're going to take a walk through the North Kent Downs, starting at Wye station, and passing through the beautiful site known as the Devil's Kneading Trough, learning about Ash Dieback. Ash is the most common tree in Kent and one of the first places to have recognised the disease, which could cause the demise of 90-98% of these trees in the next decade. Ash trees support almost 1000 species which use them for food, habitats and life support. On the walk we'll read from texts relating to Ash trees, local mythology, and the Kent ecosystem.

We'll send out transport suggestions and timings really soon, along with reading.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 30th!

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