Talking with beasts #4
4th October 2019  

*Running from 7pm - 9m, Wednesday 28th August 2019

Join us for the 4th Talking With Beasts - our monthly ecologically-focused reading group at Well Projects. Our group seeks to use the arts to navigate the ongoing destruction of the living world, and also look at the deep cultural roots of this crisis we're facing.

Last time we looked at texts relating to speciesism, and this time will think about how it coalesces with racism and colonialism. Solidarity with other humans, particularly indigenous peoples and those already suffering the consequences of climate change, is fundamental to solidarity with the rest of the living world.

The primary text is Chinua Achebe's 'Things Fall Apart', but any essays or ideas relating to colonialism and nature that you'd like to add in and bring along are very welcome too.

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