A Gathering of flowers
10th January 2020 - 15th March 2020*  

A series of workshops run by local artists with members of GOLD Project (East Kent Mencap) that will culminate in a collectively produced tapestry, displayed across the window spaces of Well Projects & GOLD Project (215 & 217 Northdown Road.)

A Florilegium is a diary shared between communities that are interested in flowers. An influencer for later botanical and scientific journals, a Florilegium (translated literally as ‘a gathering of flowers’) contains scraps of writing, drawing and collage that have been shared amongst the community and those who are new to it. In it, they discuss the discovery of new specimens, the best spots to see a rarity & other fanatical stories.

Using the Florilegium as a loose framework, each workshop (led by a selected artist) will introduce a range of new materials & craft-based processes to the members of GOLD Project, to help dream-up and illustrate an idyllic garden, a new floral and interwoven image of the local area. The results of the workshops will be installed into a display that faces outward, onto the bustling Northdown Road, and remain visible for the duration of POW 2020.


- Garden Walk ​/w Elspeth Penfold, 10t​h​ January 2020

- Pressing Flowers /w ​Sarah Karen, 15t​h​ January 2020

- Making Canopies ​/w Natasha Maksimvic, 29t​h​ January 2020

- Casting the Garden /w ​Sara Trillo, 12th February 2020

- Sprouting Sculptures /w ​Coral Brookes, 26t​h​ February 2020

- Project Opening, 7th March 2020 (6-9pm)

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