A cut from SHarp Grass
4th October 2019 - 24th November 2019*
Verity Birt, Emma Gibson, Lou Lou Sainsbury & Rosie Grace Ward.  

Private View date - 4th October 2019 18:00 - 21:00* 

Exhibition runs from - 4th October 2019 - 24th November 2019**

**Well Projects is open Friday - Sunday from 12:00 till 18:00 for the duration of the exhibition or by appointment.

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Friday 4th October
Live Performance by Lou Lou Sainsbury & Sean B. Goldring

Saturday 12th October
Performative Lecture by Dimitrios Bormpoudakis

Kent has cultivated a globally recognised image of pastoral English countryside, famous for an abundance of fertile farmland and fruit filled orchards. Whilst still holding on to the 400 year old title of the ‘Garden of England’, the Kent of the present has undergone a massive infrastructural revolution becoming a layered topological stack of infrastructures, flows & migrations. It’s geographical position in proximity to London & mainland Europe has situated Kent as a complex indicator of planetary urbanisation.

The advancement of planetary urbanisation & correlative phenomena, including rapid globalisation, political unrest & ecological precarity, are drastically reworking the relationships between nature & culture, humanity & technology and idealism & materialism. A CUT FROM SHARP GRASS engages with these shifting relationships; examining narratives, knowledges & contexts from the past & present in order to propose hopeful, sustainable and empowered futures.

The project features new works from four artists; Verity Birt, Emma Gibson, Lou Lou Sainsbury & Rosie Grace Ward. A CUT FROM SHARP GRASS is curated by George Harding & Kris Lock with support from Dimitrios Bormpoudakis. 

Verity BirtEmma GibsonLou Lou SainsburyRosie Grace Ward